Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci 2013; 17 (5): 624-631

Tissue engineering as innovative chance for organ replacement in radical tumor surgery

C. Alberti

L.D. of Surgical Semeiotics, Parma, Italy.

BACKGROUND: Different pathological conditions such as congenital organ absence, severe organ injuries, end-stage organ failure and malignancy-related organ removal, have few effective therapeutic options a part from a whole organ transplant, that, however, often meets with a serious shortage of suitable donor organs.

AIM: The purpose of this paper consists in highlighting what the novel tissue engineering approaches might help to solve such problems.

EMERGING CONCEPTS: A recent approach in tissue/organ engineering, particularly to build bioartificial airways, is the procedure of decellularizing a whole donor organ to obtain a complex 3D-biomatrix-scaffold mantaining the intrinsic vascular network, that is subsequently recellularized with recipient’s autologous organ-specific differentiated cells or/and stem cells, to build a potentially functional biological substitute. Such strategy has been clinically used to replace organ in trachea/broncus tumor patients. In another approach, mainly used to construct a bioartificial urinary bladder tissue, different types of either biodegradable synthetic polymers or naturally-derived matrices or even polymer/biomatrix-composite materials are used as scaffold for either cell-free or autologous cell-seeded tissue engineering procedures. So far, such technique has been mainly used to make an augmentation cystoplasty in patients with end-stage poorly compliant neuropathic bladder or in exstrophic bladder subjects.

FUTURE PROSPECTS: Intriguing developments in biomaterial science, nanotechnologies, stem cell biology, and further improvements in bioreactor manufactoring will allow to generate, in the near future, tissue engineered organs that, as for structure/function so the native one-like, might represent the optimum solution to replace organs in tumor surgery.

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C. Alberti
Tissue engineering as innovative chance for organ replacement in radical tumor surgery

Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci
Year: 2013
Vol. 17 - N. 5
Pages: 624-631